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Pre & Post Natal Fitness

It is without a doubt that motherhood is the hardest job in the world. Mothers in all stages of life deserve to feel healthy and confident in their bodies, especially during pregancy and postpartum. Much research as shown that maintaining a fitness routine before, during, and after pregnancy not only leads to a healthier delivery and baby, but also a quicker recovery postpartum.


As opposed to a normal fitness goal that might include weight loss, the main objective of prenatal fitness is to strengthen an expecting mother's body and mind in preparation for delivery and new motherhood through functional exercises. Postnatal training focuses on healing and strengthing the pelvic floor, as well as any splitting of the abdominal wall, known as diastasis recti. 

Just as your body changes throughout each trimester of pregnancy, so should your workouts. Work one-on-one with Ashley to create a fitness plan that will keep your baby healthy and you confident in your body.  Book a pre or post natal fitness session with Ashley today!

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