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Fitness Trainer

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Ashley is a fitness trainer, dancer, wife, mother, and certified pre & post natal fitness specialist. After graduating from the University of California, Los Angeles with a degree in psychology, she worked professionally for two years before quitting her job to pursue a dance career, during which she was introduced to the fitness world as a group barre instructor. As her knowledge and love for fitness evolved, she quickly became one of L.A.’s most sought-after trainers specializing in ballet-infused fitness. She realized that by combining the lengthening effects of ballet with the intensity of strength training, her clients achieved a leaner, more toned physique that was also durable in the long run. In 2016, Ashley partnered with PUMA as a trainer and ambassador and has since shared her workouts with the world through the PumaTrac app and on various stages around the nation. After becoming a mother in 2019 and finding little resources for pregnant women, Ashley became a certified pre and postnatal fitness specialist to help mothers of all stages safely incorporate a fitness routine into their busy lives. These days when she’s not training clients on Zoom, you can find her on her social media pages getting her cardio on chasing her toddler boy, Max! 

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